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fog lamps

Fog lights, which provide greater illumination on roads

Make travel safer during driving situations where visibility was hampered by mist, fog, dust, and other similar particles.

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Daytime Running Lights

These lights help to make cars more visible in low light situations and show that the engine is running.                                            

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brake pads

Ceramic Brake Pads

These brake pads are made from ceramic very similar to the type of ceramic used to make plates, but is denser and a lot more durable.

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led bulbs

Replacement Led Bulbs

Having LED bulbs in the headlights of your car is a safety issue that saves you unpleasant situations and guarantees you better driving in conditions with little natural light

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Halogen bulbs

Replacement Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are most often used for headlights and fog lights,  increase driver's visibility in darkness 

Security Systems

Matsumoto Car Security Systems is protect your vehicle

There are car alarms, moto alarms, immobilizers and various accessories in our product line.


Matsumoto Bumpers provide essential protection.

While also providing platforms to mount other accessories And if you’re looking to carry more gear.


Matsumoto Car's Equipment

Fender, Mud Flaps & Splash Guards, Car & Truck Floor Mats, Replacement Mirrors, Door Handles, Headlight and Tail light Bezeles.

Head, Tail and Fog Lights.

The best quality in impact spare parts.

Headlights are incorporated into the design of the body for improved styling and aerodynamics, Tail lights are important for safety, Fog lights are positioned low on the vehicle and have a wide beam angled toward the ground.