Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

DRL were created to catch the human eye, so other motorists are aware of your presence. Vehicles that are seen are generally not the ones involved in collisions - it’s usually the vehicle that the other driver “didn’t see” that gets hit.

But while by definition DRLs are meant to increase visibility during daylight hours, today they’re as much an integral part of modern vehicle styling as they are providers of illumination, and auto manufacturers have embraced DRLs to make styling statements both at night as well as during daylight hours.

DRLs come with the LEDs encased in attractive modules in a selection of shapes or sizes, and with clear, smoke or yellow lenses, as well as light strips that attach easily with 3M adhesive.

Some modules are small enough to fit easily into bumper or grille recesses, yet provide powerful illumination.

The light strips come in sizes to fit specific models as well as universal strips that can be cut to fit, so you can be creative with your installation.

Weatherproof construction means you can install flexible DRL strips inside or outside the headlight housing.